I have deep and wide experiences building web-based applications. My experience ranges from CSS to C multithreading. I have enjoyed scaling Rails for social games, writing an Oracle-backed EHR, developing consumer web applications, architecting dynamic query-building BI middleware/UI, designing & implementing a redis-backed notification system, and creating a critically-acclaimed niche iOS music-making app.

I am currently a contract full-stack Ruby/Ruby on Rails, Node.js and iOS developer.

I have enjoyed fantastic experiences with a variety of employers and contracting clients. However, my ambition grows. I would love to meet a master salesperson/marketer that appreciates long-term thinking, empiricism and frankness as core values. Until that time, I plan to continue contracting.

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Some things I’ve made or am developing:

  • http://github.com/aaronblohowiak
  • http://github.com/transitive/transitive
  • http://stochastik.xitive.com
  • http://twitter.com/aaronblohowiak